Boat and Birdwatching

      A houseboat cruise is the ideal holiday for those people who want to „go wild“ into nature again: pure Nature, far away from frenzy and daily life. An open air holiday, where only the slow flowing brings you on.

      „Slow Tourism“ means also to visit Natural Parks, Oasis and Natural Reserves. Birdwatching is a hobby for everybody, wether experts or not. You should just listen to the silence of nature and be a little patient.

      Enjoy the calmness on board of your houseboat, which provides also a wide external environment, with terrace. Isolate yourself from the world and live a regenerative holiday.

      Among the most interesting areas where you can birdwatch, we reccommend you: Po Delta, the mouths of Stella River, Valle Canal Novo in Marano Lagoon, the Natural Reserve of the mouth of Isonzo River, the island of Cona.

      Do not forget to bring a good camera with a good lens.