Live an unforgettable holiday, you are our priority. We are always trying to give you a complete service. We will help you before and during your holiday, so that you can live an unbelievable experience. Discover our services for a relaxing holiday from the very first to the very last minute.

      Our Bases

      At our bases of Chioggia and Marano Lagunare you will be welcomed with professionalism, helpfulness and courtesy. Right from the start we will give you all the necessary information and instructions. Water and electricity are available (in Marano Lagunare only on the day of embarkation and disembarkation). Possibility of parking in the close area.

      Private Moorings

      Rendez Vous Fantasia is an expert about lagoon and fluvial issues and aware of the needs of the users. It has indeed developed in the most visited (and therefore sometimes unreachable) islands of the Lagoon its own private moorings, in order to make this wonderful areas more accessible to its clients. We provided new mooring places in the heart of the historical Center of Chioggia and moreover the moor in Burano is now bigger. You can moor also in Isola delle Vignole.

      Guide Maps

      An updated descriptive textbook, full of practical information, for an easy navigation. “Navigar più Facile” maps are designed and made specifically for you: they are simple, easy and immediate to read. They also provide some tourist-historical descriptions, to help you discover the area during your voyage. We can help you choose a personalized route corresponding to your desires and requests. Discover and order our guide maps.

      Cruise with Skipper

      Even the most undecided and fearful newcomers can enjoy a complete relaxing houseboat holiday. Rendez Vous Fantasia selected some expert sailors that can help you at the controls, or even skipper your boat, in order to make you live a perfect experience.

      Shopping List

      You can already find on board some food at your arrival. To ask for this service fill out the “Shopping list” form and send it to us by e-mail or fax at least 10 days before your embarkation date. You will find the shopping basket on board at your arrival. Easy peasy!


      For those who do not want to travel to our bases by using public transport, there is a taxi/transfer service available, to and from the nearest stations and airports. For those who choose a “one-way” cruise, it will be possible to transfer their own vehicle from the departure base to the arrival base. To ask for this service fill out the “Transfer” form and send it to us by e-mail or fax at least 10 days before your embarkation date.


      Stay connected during your holiday! PC, tablets and smartphones always online! It’s possible to book a mobile Wi-Fi modem that works at the speed of 4G to take with you during your cruise. The modem connects to the internet using 4G, 3G and 2G networks. You can connect to the device in USB or Wi-Fi, and it supports up to 10 simultaneous connections. Pay attention, the number of modems is limited. Reserve yours in advance!

      Bike Rental

      At our base in Chioggia you can comfortably rent bicycles for the duration of your holiday.