The ideal place for your river cruising holiday: relaxation, but also great fun discovering wonderful places and enjoying a great range of activities. It is not a single and flat environment, but there is the chance in a short period of time to move from a deserted, calm and moving tranquillity to a lively and joyful scenary; from a large historic and cultural centre to a natural park; from well cultivated countryside to often crowded beaches. No queues to go through the locks or the draw bridges, but only the healthy and relaxing pleasure of navigation… a real holiday… commanding your Houseboat.


      Situated at the most southern point of the Venetian Lagoon, Chioggia has always been the head quarter and first base of Rendez-vous Fantasia. The centrality of this suggestive and picturesque “water town” in the panorama of the Po/Venetian navigation routes makes it an ideal port …

      Marano Lagunare

      Marano Lagunare is a town in the centre of the Lagoon of Grado and Marano. This splendid community could be already be seen as an ideal twin town to Chioggia, due to its prosperous fishing reality. In addition, it has been the second operative base of Rendez-vous Fantasia since 2004. The base is only 300 m. away from the historic centre of the town and is besides very accessible. It is indeed located on an island/port connected to the mainland by two bridges, one for pedestrians and the other for vehicles…