Week: 7 nights. From 3 p.m. on the starting day to by 09 a.m. on the last day.

      Short-week (Sw). From Monday 03 p.m. to Friday by 09 a.m. (on request)

      Week-end (We). From Friday 03 p.m., to Sunday at 6 p.m. or Monday by 09 a.m. (on  request)

      Extra Day. On request


      Chioggia/Chioggia available for all boat models.

      Cruise duration: week, short-week and week-end.

      Starting days: Friday, Saturday and Monday.

      Marano/Marano available just on board the boat model NCF FIRST.

      Cruise duration: week and short-week.

      Starting days: Friday and Monday.


      Chioggia/Marano or Marano/Chioggia * available just on board the boat model NCF FIRST.

      Cruise duration: week and short-week.

      Starting days: Friday and Monday.

      * start and finish bases are communicated 2 weeks before the embarkation


      The embarkation is from 3 pm to 6 pm

      If you plan to arrive in the morning by train or airplane, you can deposit your luggage at our office. There is no point in arriving before 3 pm because the registration and the boarding cannot start before this time as the morning is reserved for the return of our previous Clients and the preparation of the boat for the following ones.

      If you plan to arrive late, it would be appreciated if you let us know by phoning or mailing. We will wait for you until our base closes. If you are going to be very late, we will give you instructions about going on board and we will do the check-in the following morning.

      During the departure days we have many boats booked and we ask you to be patient as we cannot proceed with check-in all together and at the same time.

      When you are on board, we suggest to unpack your suitcases and put them back in your car, otherwise they will take up valuable storage space on board.

      If you come by train or plane, ask the base to keep your suitcases until your return.

      Before you set sail, check the inventory of your boat, the conditions of the fenders and the safety equipment. Please notify us immediately if something is broken or missing.

      When you get to the base, we will proceed to sort out the formalities that take about 40/45 minutes. We will follow the order of arrival of our Clients. Our staff will be delighted to advise you about your cruising plans and will explain you the equipment and the engine… and you will take a short driving course with our captain. Don’t hurry up, it’s better to have good instructions first than having problems later.


      The return of the boat must be done between 8 am and 9 am. Please, try to be on time as the following client will take the boat the same day. We suggest you to arrive the evening before.

      If for personal reasons you want to return the boat before the end of your holiday, please let us know because our base could be closed.

      In case of late return, we reserve the right to invoice a half or a full day of rental.

      Boat return formalities:

      > Return your boat in a generally good condition (otherwise Final Cleaning fee will be charged).

      > Return the extra hired or borrowed equipment (bicycles, wi-fi, etc.).

      > Pay the diesel consumption (if you have not chosen the All Inclusive Pack)

      > Your damage deposit will be given back once the boat and the inventory is checked by the base staff.

      > We remind you that you are responsible for the boat and its equipment in case of damages or accidents.

      > Think about the following customers that will take your boat and report to the reception any kind of problems you have had.

      If you choose to return the boat before scheduled time (e.g. for personal reasons) or if you want to pick up your car earlier, please inform the base in time. It may be closed on days when no departures are scheduled.

      In case of a late return, the base may charge you with a half or a full day of your hire price.

      The lessor reserves the right to recover from the hirer any expenses which it has incurred as a result of an abandonment of the boat during the cruise.