River Po, Ferrara waterway and Mantua channels


      River Po allows you to discover the area with an eco-friendly approach, by boat, by bike, on foot. This holiday is slow and accessible to everyone. Enjoy your right to visit at different times of the year, a protected area among the most important in Italy and Europe, where nature grows in freedom and as well as animals.

      The overall design of the waterway of Ferrara crosses the Plains comprising the territories of 8 municipalities, to the sea, in an area of rich cultural and gastronomic traditions and great natural beauty.

      In the Mantuan territory, as they say, water is life. In fact, Mantuan agriculture owes its development and its own specialisation to the abundance of water. Here there is a whole world to discover: flora and fauna of unsuspected beauty that strike the visitor and give a feeling of great pleasure and sweetness.

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      River Po, Ferrara and Mantua: