The river Sile is considered the healthiest of the Italian rivers. It is ideal for the lovers of nature, peace and silence. Sail on the lazy current of the river, in complete freedom, on board of your houseboat. The slow and sweet Venetian countryside is beyond the low banks: absolutely flat, delightful and well cultivated. It is one of the most naturalistic itineraries, in the frame of the regional park of the River Sile. Recommended for those who sail with us for the first time. Bicycles are recommended as well.


Travel Notes


Chioggia, Pellestrina, Malamocco, Lido, Venice, Burano, San Francesco del Deserto, Torcello, Murano, Portegrandi, Casale sul Sile and Chioggia.
Km 145, 2 locks (21 navigation hours)

DURATION: Short Week


Chioggia, Pellestrina, Malamocco, Lido, Venice, San Francesco del Deserto, Burano, Cavallino, Jesolo, Caposile, Casier, Treviso (Silea), Portegrandi, Torcello, Murano and Chioggia.
Km 210, 2 locks, 3 swing bridges (30 navigation hours)




  • The splendour of Venice and the handcraft of the islands
  • National Archaeological Museum of Altino
  • The peaceful S. Francesco del Deserto
  • Especially for kids Caribe Bay and the Aquarium in Jesolo
  • Bike ride along the Sile banks and parks
  • Tasting the best product of the province of Treviso

Cruise informed and safe

Prepare your cruise in advance and ask for the relevant navigation guide on the route you chose