Po, Ferrara and Mantua

      Enjoy on board of your houseboat your culinary experience.

      Mantua, capital of good food, the kingdom of gourmands. The “Tortelli di Zucca” (Pumpkin ravioli), typical of Mantua, belong to a tradition transmitted over generations. They are pieces of pasta made of eggs, water and flour, stuffed with a mixture of pumpkin, amaretto, Grana Padano cheese, nutmeg and Mantua mustard. Another specialty of Mantua is the “Stracotto d’Asino” (Donkey stew), usually served with its cooking liquid, polenta (cornmeal mush) or with “maccheroncini col torchio” (macaroni), or as filling for “Agnolini” (Cappelletti of the Oltrepo area).

      Bellies and pantry full, the slow and sweet navigation continues up to Ferrara. The city of Ferrara has many typical dishes: the fine art of cooking is one of the main focuses of this city. Here there are indeed different typical products. Cappellacci are pieces of pasta, stuffed with a filling and folded so as to resemble a typical hat of the peasants. They are usually filled with pumpkin or “ricotta” (soft white unsalted Italian cheese).

      The “Salama da Sugo” (pork sausage) has a particular origin which dates back from the Court of Este. It is made of a pork casing, stuffed with different kinds of meat and spices.  The “Salama” is left to age for six to nine months. It takes then over 8 hours to be cooked and it is usually served with mashed potatoes.

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