An extensive range of boats: with or without license and fully equipped for a comfortable life on board. With variable size from 8 to 15 meters can accommodate up to 12 people. Boats for couples, group of friends or families: we have the ideal boat for your holiday. We offer an incredibly wide selection of cruisers, so you can find just the right one for your party and that suit your budget. 
Indoor and outdoor spaces have been designed in proportion to the use of the boat during all seasons: there is sufficient space below deck for moments of bad weather but also enough above deck space to take advantage of the hot weather periods. The distance between the kitchen and the dining area is practically the same whether you decide to eat inside or outside. Last but not least, all the boats Rendez vous Fantasia are fully approved and in compliance with provisions for coastal and sea navigation which will give you the possibility to dive into the cool Adriatic sea from May to September and, with good weather conditions, to bypass certain canals which you have already cruised along on the outward journey. Given the renowned fragility of some of the lagoon areas and the limited dimensions and depth of some of the canals and under-passages, Rendez-vous Fantasia has chosen to purchase small and medium sized Boat Houses whilst making sure they are equipped with all comforts. Little draught and encumbrance therefore, for an easier and quicker manoeuvrability when meeting other boats and mooring. For a group of people we would suggest two small-medium boats rather than a boat which is too large.
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