Venice Lagoon

Your cruise on board of your houseboat begins in the town of Chioggia, famous for its fish market. Its good fish is cooked in “ciosotta” way (typical of Chioggia). Taste fried fish, “sarde in saor” (sardines with onions, typical of Venice), stewed cuttlefish, and the most famous dish: “broeto” (Fish slices and various molluscs on oil, onion and vinegar sauce). In the past it was primarily cooked by families of fishermen: they used cheap fish, since the finest was sold in the market. “Broeto” was usually cooked only with a kind of fish, the grass goby, and it was prepared on board. With your houseboat you can discover particular flavours.

In the Venetian Lagoon one of the most important specialities is “fegato alla veneziana” (Venetian style liver), cooked with onions. People usually drink “ombreta” (a glass of wine) with “cicheti”. In Venice “cicheto” is a snack/appetizer, usually eaten with a glass of red or white wine. Another typical aperitif is “spritz”, made with Prosecco, Select, and Soda water.

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