Po Delta

If you sail with your houseboat up to Po Delta, you will find out some simple and basic specialties. Vegetables, rice, fish and molluscs in particular are typical of the cuisine of this area. In the past River Po caused some problems in this region, but people optimized the area. Nowadays the land is fertile. Typical products are rice, garlic and sweet potatoes. If you go to Po Delta you have absolutely to eat fish: mussels, clams, sea basses, gilthead breams (orata), eels, mackerels. All these products are served in typical restaurants and “trattorias”. The claims of Goro, caught in the cove of Goro, are one of the most famous dishes of Po Delta and Ferrara. The satisfaction of being able to prepare a good fish sauce with some Italian pasta, in the fully equipped kitchen of your own boat, all at km 0, is priceless.

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