Sile River

If you sail with your houseboat along River Sile, you can live a unique culinary itinerary. The quality seal of the agricultural products of the Silepark is as a qualitative incentive to support the typical local varieties, such as: the fine red Trevisano Radicchio, the variegated Radicchio of Castelfranco, the asparagus of Badoere with its two varieties: white and green (these are all P.G.I. Products - protected geographic indication), the “Verdon da Corteo” of Roncade. The purpose is also to promote dairy products, as for example the “Casatella Trevigiana D.O.P.” (P.D.O. - protected designation of origin) and fish products, such as trout, eel and sturgeon of Sile. Along your cruise have fun and try to cook these products!

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