Venice Lagoon

Moor your houseboat and reach the nearest beach, or anchor and dive in the water for a refreshing swim.

The beautiful Sottomarina, famous for its long seashore of fine sand, rich of minerals and iodine. Equipped holiday resorts, stands, restaurants, parties on the beach, but also free beach make this place the ideal destination both for young people looking for nightlife and for families who seek some relax.

Pellestrina and Ca’ Roman, free and wild beaches, will bring you into a peculiar relaxing environment.

The beach of Lido di Venezia is characterized by dunes of fine golden sand. Here you con choose among lot of opportunities: free beaches with dunes of San Nicolò and Alberoni, the cliffs of Murazzi (massive dams built with Istrian), the holiday resorts in the central part of the island.

Finally, Lido di Jesolo, Punta Sabbioni and Cavallino, big equipped beaches, full of bars, famous for their lively nightlife.

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