Po Delta

Discover with your houseboat the best places of Po Delta. In this area nature, tradition, culture and artemeet. The result is a new and surprisingly panorama. In this context it is possible to visit on board of the houseboat different environments, each one with a particular specificity: the countryside with its paleochannels, fossil dunes, and riverbeds dykes, alluvial zones, fishing valleys, lagoons or Squibs.

The cruise goes on with the natural reserve “Gran Bosco della Mesola”, which has a surface of 1.058 acres. It represents one of the last and best preserved lowland forest residues, memory of the ancient forests that were until a few hundred years ago along the Adriatic coast. Unfortunately it is not possible to visit entirely the reserve, however, some special paths allow to spot animals like deers and fallow deers. It is possible to enter the reserve either walking other by bike (the one that you brought with you in your houseboat).

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