Venetian coast

The Litoranea Veneta (Venetian Coast) is a waterway once used to connect via internal canals Venice to Trieste. Cruising on board your river boat through the canals of the Venetian coastline is like living a day off from the real world: reeds, abandoned river channels, small strips of sand, mud flats and then surfacing occasionally discover that man has been here: the casoni (fishermen's houses made of reeds), dykes, marinas scored from the branches stuck in the sand ... the silence reigns supreme, if not for the calls of birds and the flicker of some fish.  The regional natural reserve of Foci dello Stella is in the Marano lagoon and it is reachable through the delta of the river Stella, which can go up to Precenicco and Palazzolo. When you walk into the extreme mouth you see a rare beauty: a village of fishermen's huts. Made of wood, cane and held a central hearth and they were decorated only with the necessary for survival. All huts look West: is the most sheltered from the winds of bora and tramontana. The lagoon of Marano, enclosed in the last round the coast of Lignano Sabbiadoro and the lagoon of Grado, is an area of outstanding natural beauty which is home to a unique fauna and flora. Protected from the open sea by a string of Islands and islets, is characterized by a marsh vegetation and the singularity of the temporary settlements of fishermen. Bibione is one of  most famous and popular tourist place of Italy but its tradition of hospitality has been further strengthened by the discovery, in the ' 60, of an important thermal bath. Still today you can find an equipped spa area where to enjoy and relax.


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