Venice lagoon

Chioggia, the city where we embark, famous for its fish market and for good fish cooked in a specific way call “ciosotta”. Fried fish, sardines in saore, cuttlefish stew, but perhaps the most typical dish is the fish and shellfish steaks broeto: various cooked on a sauce of oil, onion and vinegar. It is served with toasted bread. It was prepared by the families of fishermen who used cheap fish, while the most expensive sold at fish market in the city. According to history, the past broeto contemplated one redeeming quality of fish, usually on "go". Stewed in a boat, in a container, on charcoal.In the Venetian Lagoon between meat dishes, the most famous being Venetian liver cooked with onions. Usually you take an ' ombretta ', or a glass of wine accompanied by some cicheto.In Venice, the cicheto can be seen as a sort of appetizer, usually eaten before dinner with a glass of red or white wine, or to accompany a spritz, typical Venetian aperitif made with aperol, white wine and soda water.

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