Ferrara and Mantua

Moor your  river boat in privileged locations. Adria, Etruscan town that gave the name to the Adriatic Sea. Do not miss a visit to the National Archaeological Museum and to the charming Villa Badoer in Fratta Polesine, by Andrea Palladio.
Arriving in Ferrara, the capital of Renaissance, period of great splendour for the Estensi Court, that has left indelible signs everywhere in the area, such as the far-sighted design of the Erdulean addendum, the Estense Castle, the Diamond Palace and the great frescoes of Palazzo Schifanoia.
You can even approch Mantua, with your boat and just few minutes walk from the mooring is the Ducal Palace, the Gonzaga Palace, the Mantegna's Wedding Room, the precious Isabella d'Este apartment and much more.

Aspecial note should be devoted to Parco Naturale del Mincio, a true wonder of nature, culture and art. Its historic endowment – comprising of castles and medieval strongholds, hunting grounds and ducal palaces, from hydraulic engineering masterpieces by Pitentino or Governolo, not to mention the Etruscan remains of Forcello and the prehistoric site in Castellaro Lagusello – is such that the park is rather an open air museum, the ideal setting for marvellous excursions.

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