The Po delta

Glide along in the silence of the reeds, in hidden and suggestive places, and uncontaminated and melancholy nature, the tenacious industriousness of its inhabitants, simple houses dotted with discretion on the high sky landscape. The delta of the River Po, a small Mesopotamia, between the Adige and the Po, has seen so many ancient cultures.

Travel notes


Chioggia, Bocasette, Adria and back journey (Po di Brondolo, di Levante, di Venezia e di Maistra). 
Km 121, 8 locks (17 engine hours)

DURATION: short week



Chioggia, Taglio di Po, Ariano, Mesola, Goro, Ca' Tiepolo, Bocasette, Portoviro, Barricata and back journey (Po di Brondolo, di Venezia e di Goro).
Km 206, 8 locks, 2 swing bridges (28 engine jours)


Cruise informed and safe

Prepare your cruise in advance and ask for the relevant navigation guide on the route you chose  
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