General conditions

1)The Hirer “boat captain” must be at least 18 years old. The hirer will be held responsible for all that he/she takes into consignment. He/she must show a document at the embarkation moment. R.V.F.  reserves the right to refuse to hand over a boat to any hirer who, in its opinion is not suitable to take charge.

2)Booking/Payment: your booking (also by phone)  is:

-Operative when the booking form has been signed and received, with the enclosed relative down payment, by the R.V.F.;

-Final on receipt of the full payment (at least 30 days before the departure day);

3)Cancellation plan.  To be undersigned at the reservation. Its object is to guarantee the refund of the hire charge, paid to R.V.F, to the policy holder as foreseen in Item (5) “Cancellation by the hirer”. This plan is valid if the hirer cancels the cruise BEFORE ARRIVAL because of one of the following reasons: illness, serious accident, death of the policy holder or one of his parents or children, serious damage to his first house, and loss of job and  particular work changes. The plan guarantees all the members of the party whose names are listed on the booking form. In case of cancellation R.V.F. shall refund the total hire charge to the policy holder. The cancellation premium and the dossier sum of 150 Euro is not refundable.

4)Cancellation by R.V.F.  If R.V.F. can not provide the hirer with the booked boat because of unforeseeable circumstances, it undertakes to use all means at its disposal to obtain a boat of similar capacity and standard to that initially hired. If it is not possible R.V.F. will refund the total hire charge.

5)Cancellation by the hirer:  if you wish to cancel your reservation you should notify R.V.F. immediately by phone with subsequent confirmation in writing. The penalties are as follows:

  • Up to 30 days prior to departure: the amount paid as down-payment will be withheld by R.V.F.;
  • Less than 30 days prior to departure: the entire hire fee will be due.

These penalties may be reimbursed, except for the fixed cost for the dossier amount of Euro 150 if:

  • you have undersigned and paid for the cancellation plan (3)
  • the boat has been re-hired to others

R.V.F. can decide to give to the hirer the possibility to take advantage of another holiday according to availability (only for boats belonging to R.V.F.).

6)Modification of the booking: Each modification of the booking by the hirer as from the confirmation date until 8 weeks before departure date will be billed 50 €. Within 8 weeks before date of embarkation, any modification of cruise will have to be submitted to the R.V.F.’s approval.

7)Insurances. The insurance includes the accidental damage to the boat, to its equipment and the to hirer’s third party liability (only for boats belonging to R.V.F.), transport to hospital in case of accident or disease, and boat recovering. The insurance does not cover the hirer’s personal belongings and R.V.F. is not responsible in case of theft,  loss or damage of the hirer’s personal belongings.

8)Deposit: A refundable damage deposit, (as in the price list) must be paid by credit card on the departure day, upon your arrival. The deposit will not  be retained if at the end of the cruise the boat and its equipment are in good condition, with no damages and free of any liability for damage to a third party, at the agreed place and time. It is possible to request and to pay a supplementary insurance on the day of departure to cover the deposit amount. The hirer's credit card details must be communicated to R.V.F. anyway and a pre-authorization of 250,00 € will be asked to cover (totally or partially) the exclusions from the insurance guarantees, any undeclared damage, and any after-effect caused as a result of the hirer's negligence or reckless conduct.

9)Assistance/Accident.  The hire price includes breakdown assistance.  RVF commits itself to ensure assistance in the best way and in the shorter time. Just for interventions due to the negligence of the hirer or in case of  stranding, the hirer shall pay a refund. The hirer undertakes to report immediately, by phone, to R.V.F. any accident or breakdown in which he/she is involved and to abstain from any unnecessary or not urgent initiatives. The hirer shall have no claims against R.V.F. as a result of any grounding or breakdown or failure of the boat’s engine or equipment. R.V.F. will have the right to recover from the hirer the expenses incurred to rectify the matter when breakdown, stranding or failure are due to the negligence of the hirer.

10)Embarkation. The boat is at the hirer’s disposal at the agreed time. The dispatch of the following formalities will be effected according to the customers order of arrival.

  • registration of the captain’s document;
  • security deposit and payment of balance and further extras;
  • signing the  inventory of the equipment in the boat and boat control;
  •  technical instructions for the use of all the equipment on the boat;
  • explanation of  navigation limits and routes, obligations and navigation suggestions;
  • short demonstration tour.

11)Disembarkation. The boat must be returned to R.V.F. at the end of the cruise tidy and in good working condition, at the agreed place and time. The hirer undertakes to report any equipment lost, broken or any damages. Every dent or abrasion on the hull shall be strictly picked out. R.V.F. reserves the right to recover from the hirer any expenses which it has incurred as a result of an abandonment of the boat during the cruise. In case of late return the R.V.F. has the right to invoice a half or a whole day of location. The return to the base for the overnight stay  is recommended the night before.

12)Term of use:R.V.F. undertakes to give necessary  information and  adequate  use and  navigation instructions ( also practical) before sailing off .The hirer must follow the waterway regulations (river, channels, lagoon, and coast). The hirer must cruise within the limits indicated either by the R.V.F. or by the authorities. The navigation is allowed within the first 500 meters  and not over 1 sea mile from the sea coast (only for authorized boats). It is forbidden:  navigation and stop off at sea by night; to tow the boat, to sublet or to lend it, to moor in places not authorized, in landing stages “ACTV”; to anchor in ship-canals; navigation with bad weather conditions; the navigation in the Canal Grande, in the internal channels of Venice, Giudecca, Murano, Burano, Torcello and Lido.

13)Impracticable navigation: If exceptional events make cruising difficult or impossible so that the hirer can not sail for 48 hours or longer,  the paid hire charge  will be valid for another vacation according to availability (only for boats owned by R.V.F.).

R.V.F. cannot be held responsible or liable to pay compensation for any interruption or limitation in the cruise in relation to the trip provided for in the contract, resulting from a dose-down of navigable waterways for technical reasons or administrative police reasons, strikes, flood or drought and other adverse weather conditions as well as for any other circumstance beyond its control.

14)Pets: Pets are welcome on the boat but the user shall not utilize in no way the equipment aboard for the pet. All requirements for the pet must be brought by the owner. A lump sum (as in the price list) must be paid by the hirer on the departure day to cover additional expenses due to additional cleaning that the presence of a pet in boat entails.

In the case of controversy the competent court will be that of Venice (Italy)

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