Sottomarina beach

Only ten minutes from our base and you can easy arrive to Sottomarina, a long time ago “Marina Vecia”, an area of vegetable gardens and traditional dwellings, today it’s a wonderful seaside locality. The beach of Sottomarina, about 10 km long, with a depth in some parts of around 300 metres is appreciated by the entire coastline for the quality of its fine sand, with abundant presence of augite, quartz, silicon and micaceous elements which, together with a regular and constant breeze, makes it the ideal place for some therapeutic rest and an excellent tan. Its wide and welcoming shore is, without a doubt, the ideal place for long walks or for children to enjoy, or simply relaxing.
If you want to avoid the bustle and traffic and if have a bike or you feel like taking a walk, the Lusenzo Lagoon, where our base of embarkation is located, is ideal for you, cycle paths and pedestrian routes allow you to tour the lagoon, starting from Sottomarina and arriving in Chioggia or vice versa. The area is particularly pleasant: the landscape is fascinating, the blenches are surrounded by greenery and the view across the lagoon is beautiful.
You can continue walking on foot or by bike as far as Sottomarina dyke to see the remains of anchient “Murazzi” (embankments),  important in understanding, where the sea came to in the past.


Pubblicato: 26.06.2017

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